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Data Collaborative: Report history and collect strategy and current initiatives related to student performance in Lane County across all sectors.

Early Childhood (Ages P-8): Develop a system of services and supports that ensure all children enter kindergarten with the skills that will enable them to be successful in school and reading by third grade.  Our priorities include supporting families by distributing kindergarten readiness booklets and providing KITS (Kids in Transition to Schools) programs in our area school districts. 

Elementary to Middle School (Ages 6-14): Identify, develop and implement the necessary structures and supports to ensure all students have the access skills necessary to be successful in middle school.  Our priorities include increasing literacy activities and instruction in the classroom and community, supporting students and families in their transition from elementary to middle school, engaging students in rigorous STEM activities, and increase social and emotional readiness to better access learning. 

Middle to High School (Ages 12-18): Identify, develop and implement structures and supports to ensure all students are ready to be successful in dual enrollment opportunities at the 11th/12th grade level.  Our priority includes providing bridge opportunities to students entering high school. 

College and Career Ready (Ages 16-22): Identify, develop and implement structures and supports to increase the percentage of Lane County students transitioning to Lane Community College, University of Oregon, and processing and completing certificates and/or degrees, and transitioning successfully into high-demand, high-wage careers.  Our priorities include creating a county-wide coordination system that provide work exposure opportunities, establishing effective systems in high school to support students in preparing for the future, and aligning CTE programs with our short and long-term local workforce needs.