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Lane County STEAMOn!

Lane ESD and 14 local school districts have been awarded an Oregon Department of Education STEM, STEAM and/or CTE Program & Activity Grant to fund Lane County STEAMOn! The project builds off the nationally recognized Career and Technical Education (CTE) programs facilitated by Lane ESD in high schools throughout Lane County.  The grant will facilitate year-long, intensive Project-Based Learning (PBL) for 8th to 12th grade students. The specific CTE areas of concentration will include: Engineering in Construction & Manufacturing (ECM), Information & Communication Technology (ICT), and Health Services. Science, Math, Arts, and Humanities teachers and CTE teachers at participating schools will form interdisciplinary teams, providing flexibility and depth to projects centered industry concerns. By leveraging successful features of the high-quality CTE programs currently implemented, Lane County STEAMOn! will bring technical and employability skills to more students in high demand and high wage careers.

The project aims to include at least one team of teachers (2-3 teachers each) from each of the 14 districts, involving anywhere from 28 to 42 teachers in total. In-depth collaboration between CTE and core subject area teachers is strengthened by the insights and guidance provided by industry professionals throughout the projects and activities. By working in district teams of core and technical teachers, alignment to the Common Core State Standards (CCSS), essential skills and the diploma requirements will be reinforced building long-term sustainability, real world projects and activities, and support for student interests.

The objective of increasing CTE engagement in the Lane County STEAM pathways for disadvantaged student groups underpins every goal of the project. To ensure participation of underrepresented and underserved students, Lane ESD will overlap the project with new and ongoing intitiatives and resources, including: Title 1 programs and outreach, the Youth Transition Program (YTP), a new partnership with Lane County National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP), the CTE Career Pathways revitalization grant, and Lane Community College career pathways.